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Covering the Four Corners of the Earth

February 6, 2010


We’d like to think that we pretty much have the States covered with contributors. We don’t, but we’re close. From San Diego, Newport, LA, New York, Seattle, and Miami. We have correspondents in all of these places, which is rad. We’re working on getting masses of content upload here within the next week.

Miami is a great place. [To visit.] If oiled men with gold chains and speedos wet your lips, then that’s the place for you. But if you’re looking for a great music scene and fashionable clothing, you might have to look elsewhere. The lifestyle there is just not conducive to the aforementioned characteristics. There is some great art exhibits in Miami, however. While most of it resembles art deco style and things you would find in your grandparents attics, there are a few gems to be found if you look hard enough.

If you plan on traveling out to the East Coast any time soon, plan on hitting up South Beach. While we’ve all probably seen it on TV watching CSI Miami [which isn’t even that great of a show,] it’s still a great place to visit and take in the culture. Also think about going an hour south to hit up the Florida Keys. If you want to visit where Hemingway killed himself and, to this day keeps a sanctuary of cats, then that’s definitely a place to put into your iPhone maps.


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