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Better V-day Part II

February 16, 2010

Unlike Mike, I had to do Valentines day on a budget and knowing most young adults we are all low on funds. Here are some tips that I used to make Valentines cost efficient yet make her shiver in her own romance.

Hoping it’s a beautiful day take her outside and keep her outside as long as possible. Yes, you might have to sneak some P.D.A. once in a while but it will be worth it. Take her to any botanical garden near the area and take in the fresh air while starring at O’keefe colors. If you’re cultured make sure not to take pictures there because it’s the most photographed place since Photography 101 hit junior colleges. If there are no botanical gardens in your area look up sculpture gardens. There are more interesting and wierd at the same time but make sure you study the art online so you can give some insight to the pieces. If there are no sculpture garden take her to the nearest beach boardwalk and grab some coffee and go on a lengthy walk.

Make sure your dressed appropriately (no crocs, rainbow sandles, or cargo board=shorts. Its Valentines day you still have to impress even though you’re on the beach.) Next tip, take her to any museum that interests you and give her some insight into your likes and dislikes. This is a golden tip to all you broke as a joke folk, make sure to take her to privately owned galleries on opening night and why do you do this? Makes you seem educated, cultured, and you know what’s going on in the community. But my favorite reason for doing this free wine and beer (we only recommend this if you’re of age). This is known for being a social lubricant and especially on Valentines day helping calm the nerves but make sure just a couple you want to remember this wonderful day with your gal. Now your a little loose take to her a local venue (aka the Tin Can Alehouse, which is the best up and coming bar in San Diego). If you’re blessed with Jamuel Saxon and Lion Cut being loose will help you shake your hips and guide your feet. End the night with a couple kisses and the rest is history. Those are my recommendations for V-day on a budget.




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