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5 Things We Love

February 17, 2010


1. Jamuel Saxon’s “Never Leave Your Bedroom” album. With great artists like Writer, Joel P. West, Black Mamba, plus so many others this album is a must have. You can download it for free on If you can find a better album out right now that is distributed through the artist for free, feel free to let us know. Put this on and you’ll want to throw a dance party. Make sure to have enough Pabst to go around.

2. Drinking water out of glass bottles. Everyone is going green. And so are we. While it’s a known fact that the production of plastic bottles is an obvious waste of resources, you can keep glass forever. (Unless you break it during a drunken stupor or have it hurled at your head after attempting to break up with a girlfriend.) The water tastes great. And unlike plastic bottles, the water doesn’t taste like you’re drinking the very plastic that’s holding it.

3. Levi’s 511 Skinny Jeans. If you got the chance to peak into either of our closets, you would find that we have them stock with 511’s in almost every variant shade of black and grey, as well as their dark raw denims. These jeans will run forever and quickly because your favorite pair. They may begin to fray and show holes from wear, but they’re in all the right places.

4. Wool Hats. While my personal favorite is the classic and clean black wool hat, you can find them in colors that can go with anything that you can imagine in your wardrobe. I tend to play it safe and stick with the black just because it can go with anything. Plus investing in these bad boys won’t put a dent into your wallet. You can find prices vary from $.99 to $95. Pick which suits you better, they all perform the same.

5. Blublockers. If you’ve never worn a pair of Blublockers, then you have never lived life. They make everything just the right color and keep your eyes in a wonderland of warm colors of oranges and greens. Watch out while driving though, it’s hard to see the traffic lights and their colors.

Let us know what you’re in love with right now. Share the love.

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  1. Ryan Weiss permalink
    February 17, 2010 8:23 pm

    love you guys

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