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5 Things We Love

February 22, 2010


It’s that time of the week again and here we go:

1. David Duchovny: Why do we love him after he was in X-files and that series aired when I was still wearing diapers? He has reinvented himself by being a sex addict. If you haven’t seen this Showtime series yet you may have problems. Californication is chalked full of one liners that will make grandma cringe and the homeboys bust up. Make sure you purchase the premium cable package it will be worth your while.

2. The U.S. Mens Hockey Team: Not only did I enjoy watching golden boy Sidney Crosby get taken down by the U.S. defense but I loved seeing men on ice not wearing leotards. I played ice hockey for three years when I was younger and I’m no longer man enough after watching 90 minutes. Watching this game made my chest hair grow. The U.S. mens hockey team hasn’t beaten Canada for 50 years but last night we made them eat snow cones. Go America!

3. Assorted Berry Tums: Whether it’s been a long night of spicy food or drinking acidic red wine Tums are your friends in need. Thanks Tums for making everyone’s bellies feel better, while tasting nice too!

4. Mini Casio P-1 Keyboards: This little keyboard packs a punch and can make anyone into a rockstar.

5. Zach Galifianakis: Not only am I looking forward to the Hangover 2 coming out in 2011 but I enjoyed watching the original Hangover numerous times. Some of Zach’s notable filmography includes: Bubble Boy, Corky Romano, and Into the Wild. If you haven’t seen Between Two Ferns please watch and be prepared to cringe and giggle in Zach’s awkwardness. He’s the hottest thing to hit the streets.

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