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Update in Honduras

March 8, 2010


I never thought I’d be riding a bike down the streets of Honduras with some of the coolest guys I know. Nor did I think I’d ever be watching Across The Universe inside of a house while an armed guard stands outside holding his 12 gauge shotgun. But this is exactly where I find myself.

I left the States two days ago to visit the uknown. The goal was to come down and shoot a short film. But in just the two days being down here before actually shooting, the story has changed. It’s been a great journey this far and only expect good things to come. [Maybe a couple muggings and shootings along the way.] We’ve been doing a lot of pre-production work alongside of Blake Nelson [who has been down here 5 months already doing a lot of prep work.]

The most noble part of this trip is that we’re incorporating a lot of what we’re doing into Blake’s classroom activities. So Bryan has been teaching the kids a bit about music and songwriting, and once we start shooting I’ll be able to talk to the kids about filming and cinematography.

Make sure to keep up with our journey down here. I’ll be posting more photos as we begin filming.


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