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FLUXX, Are You Experienced?

March 9, 2010


To preface this…I AM NOT A CLUB GOER.I stand strong by my neighborhood bars and other same-face-every-night type joints.

That  being said, FLUXX is going to revolutionize the idea of going out in San Diego. Taking its inaugural flight this March, FLUXX, the brain child of RMD Group (re-creators of Side Bar) and Davis Ink, is going to make all other clubs in the Gas Lamp area tremble and shake (literally). With an overindulgence of sonic amalgamation and illuminatory decadence (courtesy of Sound Investment AV and SJ Lighting respectively) mixed in with pure vibe and energy, FLUXX creates a bombastic atmosphere of de novo stimulation for every sense, and for posterity, a few others that wont be discovered until it’s doors are opened.

It will be unlike anything that San Diego has ever experienced.

Now, Imagine that power and verve combined with a natural, organic décor, complete with wooden logs and vibrant, living hues…because it will be. Top of that off with the fact that all the wood from the renovation is being recycled in the form of new homes for our neighbors to the south, Mexico and you have a very innovative road to walk down.

Again, it will be unlike anything that San Diego has ever experienced.

The sound system is powerful enough to rival anything put together for a world tour with Madonna, fully equipped with “speakers loud so loud, they blow a women’s clothes” (thank you Italian Job). Very much the ideal situation. Couple that with a dance floor specifically designed to channel every bass note that bursts from the speakers directly into your body and it becomes a veritable playground for the senses, loading up every nerve ending to the brim and keeping every synapse firing at a speed that 4 out of 5 doctors don’t recommend.

Did I mention that it will be unlike anything San Diego has ever experienced.

And, to trump everything else that has just wowed you at the top of this little piece, the most unreal facet to this already unreal night club is going to be it’s ever changing face. One night you might be partying with Amazon women and the next you could be shaking your ass with a futuristic temptress. With all these pieces in place, FLUXX also plans on bringing in the biggest DJ’s to grace their turntables and keep the freshest sound flowing out of the most dynamic sound system in San Diego. If your not there to move your body your not in the right place. Consisting of one huge room, there isn’t any place to hide when the dial is turned to 11 and people start to move.


Contributed by: Gareth Moore

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