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Get Stoned Foxes

March 24, 2010


Gang vocals, gritty harmonica, and dirty guitar sounds that fall somewhere between Dan Auerbach and Keith Richards come together to make up the San Francisco quartet known as the Stone Foxes.
And damn it these boys are good!
With soul laden songs like “Sweep a Road” and “Spoonfull” pulling you down into the thick heat of a lazy summer in the southern swamps and “Beneath Mt. Sinai” and “Rollin’ and Tumblin‘” ringing out through a haze of whiskey and women begging to be the anthem for bar room brawls across America. Where ever the Stone Foxes latest release goes there is the lingering scent of bold swagger and a trail broken bottles and wanting women.
The catch with this record, is that where most rock ‘n’ roll albums fail to encapsulate the power and bravado that many guitar based bands exude live, the Stone Foxes self titled release excels.
If you walk into a room and see me sweating with my headphones on and quarrelsome grin on my face I might be listening to the Stone Foxes, not watching porn; such is the vigor and passion that pours out of the speakers when the Foxes are plugged in.
Unlike flash in the pan, bullshit noise that musically distraught bands like Vampire Weekend and Wavves are having success with now, the Stone Foxes are making music that will last for generations and are working hard to make sure that 20 years from now our generations music isn’t on a Rolling Stones cover proclaiming “The Greatest Mistakes we all Made: Music 2010”

contributed by Gareth Moore

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