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Up on the Farm // La Milpa Organica

March 24, 2010



Thoughtfully placed rows of vibrantly colored greens are every way you look, fragrant hops hang from vines, bees are busy making their sweet honey. An artist with a green thumb interrupted the parallel lines of produce with strings of flowers framing everything with even more color. “An edible paradise” they call it, La Milpa Organica, a farm up in Escondido, CA is a hidden gem that’s really doing things right when it comes to growing and creating. Barry Logan who started the farm is such a kind man; full of life and a love for food. Take a stroll around his welcoming farm, peering at every at the attention to detail and you can see the pride the farm takes in their art of farming. Even just look Barry in the eyes when you talk to him and you can see the heart he has for producing what is good and making it available to San Diego.

This Saturday I made my second visit up to the farm. Every third Saturday of the month, white lights drape the trees, long wooden tables are covered with food and people sharing it, mason jars are full of wine, and the smell of a wood burning fire fills the air. La Milpa likes to share and give back to the community by having an open house where people can visit the farm.

La Milpa describes their heart for the community and sharing food together the best when they say,

“see where your food is grown

meet like minded people

sit down and eat a meal together

and then gather for a film

under the oaks”

People start to gather a few hours before sunset to tour and explore the farm with a cold brew in hand. The event is a kind of “pot luck” and everyone is encouraged to bring a healthful dish you created to share. I brought some salty green and purple kale sauteed with some bright orange sweet potatoes! Be sure to save some room for the homemade pizzas they keep replenishing throughout the night. You can bet the ingredients came from the farm that day so be prepared for goodness. With the sun setting, a full belly, and a third glass of wine in hand, my friends and I migrated over to the blankets and bales of hay set up around the movie screen they had strung between the umbrella trees. They played a really great film called Fresh and the kids kept playing on the tire swings. The entire night was wonderful and tasty. It’s so great to see where my food comes from and shake the hands that help make it. La Milpa truly knows what it means to be a part of their community and shorten that distance from farm to fork to… belly.

La Milpa makes their naturally grown and completely organic produce available at most local farmer's markets including OB, Little Italy, and HIllcrest. La Milpa's greens and produce can also be found on menus at many local restaurants including The Pearl Hotel, The Linkery, Starlite, JSIX, DISH, Sea Rocket Bistro and more.

Contributed by Ashley Freese.

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