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FujiFilm vs. Polaroid: Not Much Of A Battle

March 30, 2010

So if you’re like either of us, polaroid has been a staple go-to camera for years. Producing instant gratification of the photos you just took was such a convenience. While it’s old news, Polaroid has since gone off of the shelves. Really, the only place you can find these things are online. But the guys over at The Impossible Project have been bent on keeping the name around and sustaining what has been around for years.



As you can see, these things are selling like hotcakes! [I HATE hotcakes, but love Polaroids. Not sure why I made that comparison.] When Polaroid faded from the photographic scene, Fujifilm stepped right up. While the new Polaroid cameras brought to you by The Impossible Project are selling for $150.00+, Fujifilm has come out with a newer alternative to Polaroid: the Instax Mini 7. You can find these bad boys on for just around $68.00.

“Lightweight and compact, the stylish instax mini 7 goes anywhere. Operation is easy — simply check the LED exposure indicator and press the shutter, a beautiful credit card-size instant color photo is ready in minutes — sharp and clear! Two model colors : pink and blue.”

photo cred: Jason Chen: GQ Eye

While the instant prints from the Fujifilm camera are only credit card sized, it saves quite a bit of money and still gets the job done.

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