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Tea’s Ready! #Twettle

April 7, 2010

What do we find more exciting than the long awaiting release of Apple’s new iPad? Hands down, the Twettle. It’s a kettle that will tweet when the tea is done!


“I wanted the kettle to be really simple to set up, no CDs, USB or downloads. This is pretty difficult with Wi-Fi devices because a world of open, password-free wireless networks doesn’t exist, meaning that it won’t be able to ‘talk’ to you out of the box. How do you get around this?

My initial idea was to power up the kettle then connect to its IP address over Wi-Fi using your PC and router. This would then take you into a set up page (stored in the kettle memory) where you could set things like the WEP key for your network, Twitter username and password etc.

However, AB Integration pointed out this wasn’t possible, a device must be connected to a network before you can access it via IP. The way around this was building a USB port into it, meaning it would also need installation software.” -Murat, designer and creator.

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