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The Finished Product…

April 7, 2010

As we teased a little bit on this video we were working on, we go so into our work that we’ve neglected to keep up on the posting and left you guys out in the cold. For this, we apologize. However, we do have some good news. You can now check out what’s been preoccupying so much of our time and resources.


We’ve teamed up with the guys over at Holiday Matinee and Sezio to make some viral videos for Ford Motor Company and their Fiesta Movement. These guys have been given a car, some cash, and tons of equipment to throw some awesome parties. Our job? To document, advertise, and help complete the missions alongside our friends.

Check out the video below.

To culminate this first mission, we’ll be throwing a huge party at Bar Basic on April 13th, featuring pop-up stores from M Theory Records, Igloo and Subtext. But before we park the Ford Fiesta inside of Bar Basic, we’ll be hitting up the other 9 locations this week. Cruise out and hang with us on our Fiesta Tour, and enjoy a variety of hook-ups from each business if you mention Ford Fiesta. We may even let you test drive the car, if you ask nicely…

Wednesday, April 7th
12-1pm : Free Coffee at Influx in Golden Hill
6-8pm : 15% off at The Linkery in North Park

Thursday, April 8th
5-6pm : 25% off soft goods at Igloo in Little Italy
6-8pm : Happy Hour at Starlite in Mid Town

Friday, April 9th
12-1pm : Lunch at Neighborhood in East Village
7-10pm : 20% off books during Art Opening at Subtext in Little Italy

Saturday, April 10th
12-1pm : Meet up at the Suspension Bridge in Bankers Hill
1-2pm : 10% off records at M-Theory in Mission Hills
2-4pm : $1 off Beers & Cocktails at Station Tavern in South Park

RSVP for the Bar Basic event here, and you’ll be on our guest list for free pizza & booze during the first hour. See you soon!


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