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Coconut Records

May 14, 2010

I think it’s only natural for us to have pet peeves. It’s man’s way of keeping people in check.

“HEY! Stop chewing with your mouth open!!”

“YO! Stop wearing Ed Hardy t-shirts! Never wear Affliction either!”

“Put the toilet paper in so that the paper hangs down over the top inside of hugging the wall for God’s sake. That’s for girls!”

But I would have to say that one of my biggest grudges leans towards actors/actresses trying to take over the music industry as well. Let’s be honest here, most of them fail miserably at both. But life does have some exceptions. Jason Schwartzman is definitely one of those exceptions. Before he even played roles in films, he was the drummer for the band Phantom Planet. When he left the band to star in films such as The Darjeeling Limited, Rushmore, Shopgirl, I ♥ Huckabees, Spun, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Slackers.

But in 2007 he made his move back to the music scene and independently started Coconut Records. Putting out two albums to date, Schwartzman’s indie rock band is definitely a hit among Creative Casualties.


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