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Summer Essentials

May 26, 2010

We’re all about summer. We’re all about the beach, bathing in the sun, and getting absurdly painful sunburns. So we’ve concocted a small list of summer essentials that we think no man or woman should have to go this summer without.


1. The Perfect Tee: Break out those shirts that you’ve had hidden away from the cold weather and wear them out. You can find some cool summer shirts over at Sezio. If you see either of us this summer and we’re not wearing a Sezio shirt, we’ll give you a beer.

2. Shants: [def. Shorts made from pants.] Take some of your old jeans and cut off the bottom half. You’ll get just the right amount of breeze and have plenty of breathing room on the bottom end.

3. Sweet Tunes: Whether you’re road-tripping, hanging out at the beach, or just kickin it in the house, you need some good music. Delta Spirit’s new album is worth mentioning and definitely worth purchasing. Support the artists.

4. Sunscreen: Self explanatory.

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