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Play Me, I’m Yours

June 25, 2010

contributed by: Ashley Freese


“Play me I’m yours”, an interactive art project by artist Luke Jerram just kicked off this week. 60 beautiful and colorfully painted pianos have been placed around the 5 boroughs of New York City. Anyone, at anytime, is encouraged to play the pianos and everyone young and old, talented and beginner have been taking a seat in front of the street pianos. Luke, interviewed yesterday on NPR, said he started the project to get people to interact with each other on the street. So far it’s been working as a way to start conversation, bring music and life to the busy city, and even help anyone feel like loved street performer. Some bands have added vocals and other instruments, some people have been able to reveal hidden talents, and a few have even vowed to try to find and play all 60 pianos! Anyone can print out maps and go on a piano hunt, but don’t try to run away with one… they’re tied down with cement blocks. (Besides that would just be messed up). Luke Jerram has done this project in other big cities around the world and people continue to love it… hopefully his next stop is San Diego.

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