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Everybody Loves A Sneak Attack

Tonight’s opening of Sneak Attack at DisConnected Salon & Gallery, featuring Tocayo, Neko & Exist1981, generated quite the buzz. The place was packed and the alcohol was flowing. Being collaborators ourselves, seeing other artists work together is much appreciated. All three of these guys’ works complimented each other and worked well to create one giant piece of art. With more than half of the venue covered with their art, it was an eye full for everyone in the place.







I Swear To Good You’re God At This.

Holiday Matinee is a resource for everything creative. Viral videos, advertising and marketing, literature, film and travel. These guys know their stuff and are good friends. With friends come perks. Like getting inside of their “I Swear To Good You’re God At This” book release event at Basic, in Downtown San Diego.


The venue was swank and free of charge. With a whole side of the bar open to the street, onlookers got a free show of what was happening inside. Sezio was there doing what they do best: being awesome and getting attention for it. With their own screen printing station, you could walk up, buy a shirt, and watch it dry in a matter of minutes. Which is awesome for those of us who find brilliance in the simple things.






Pre-Show // Tocayo, Neko & Exist 1981

Tonight we got the chance to hang out with some of the most talented, and desired, artists in San Diego. Tocayo, Neko, and Exist1981 are all guys that you should know about, and we’re here to inform you. Currently, their working on a couple pieces at DisConnected Salon & Gallery in North Park. When we first showed up we were a little thrown back on the layout of the place. It looks more like a bar than a salon, but the atmosphere is definitely something that suites their artistic styles. This isn’t their first time working together. If you’ve been following our ventures, we shot some stuff at The BoatHouse earlier this month and all of these guys were there to take part.

Their show opens this Saturday, February 20th, at 7PM. Make sure to stop by and check things out. Their work will be on sale, piece by piece, so get what you can!







Tocayo @ The BoatHouse

Being a Creative Casualty, we get to hang out with some of the coolest people in the San Diego area. Last night we got the chance to hang out with Tocayo and learn a bit about his processes. He’s got work all over San Diego. If you haven’t been to El Camino Restaurant yet throw down whatever you’re doing right now and head over there because this place is full of Tocayo’s work.

Not originally from California, he spent most of his younger years in Hialeah, Florida. Which makes the world a whole lot smaller because Michael, one half of the Casualties, is also from Florida just 20 minutes away from where Tocayo started his initial work.

Check out some of the photos we grabbed of him.







Check out a video of Tocayo doing work to El Camino below.


At The BoatHouse

We spent the majority of our day hanging out with the guys over at Sezio watching these artists paint. This is a big deal. Some of the most legit and well known artists from the San Diego area have come together to produce one huge collaborative piece for the masses to enjoy. Check out some of the photos we shot from today.







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