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In The Garage W/ Writer – Part Deux

A while back we posted some photos from the night we were hanging with Writer and Sezio. Check out the video below. There’s more where that came from.


Domino Video

Whether you like OK Go or not you still have to respect their videos. Here is the latest one:


Who To Watch In March



Kid Chorus

Nothing better then some juniors belching out some smooth listening for the ears. It’s also pretty sweet to see that the kids are doing it just for the love of music. Passion Pit used the PS22 choir on a couple tracks on their album make sure to listen for it.

and now listen for the kids part in the song:


Party In My Tummy

Yo! Gabba Gabba’s “Party In My Tummy” has been my theme song for the past two weeks.


Secondhand Sureshots

Contributed by: The Magic Shuttle Bus Driver


And finally a good writeup and option to buy. Check out the film below and click to their website.



An Introduction to Beats

Contributed by: The Magic Shuttle Bus Driver

Beats have always been an integral part of hip-hop music, adding drum-and-bass to rap lyrics. The past ten years have brought about a growing interest in the artistic talent of beat-producers. Now instrumental hip-hop is a genre of its own.


A Boom Bap Continuum is one of the best compilation mixes showcasing the illest beats from the past decade. From MHE and Gaslamp Killer’s dirty drums, to the sampling of DJ Shadow, to Nosaj Thing, Flying Lotus, and Ras G’s cosmic space sounds, to the MPC’s of J Dilla and Exile, to Daedelus’ neo-classical jazz beats, and to Ricci Rucker’s (Ruckazoid) all analog set-up.

A large up to 2tall, Kper, and DJ Clockwork for pulling together a perfect showcase of beats.

Alright friends squint your eardrums and expand your mind.
Enjoy, my soon-to-be “beat” heads.
Download ‘A Boom Bap Continuum’


Longstay Is Magnifique

Contributed by: Garreth Moore

photo cred: The Longstay

Casbah last monday night was a whim; a last minute invitation to watch Longstay, Nik Ewing’s band of revolving door San Diegan musicians. The quality of the newly released album was lost in the standard stage performance, not bereft of out of tune guitars that lead dogs on to the highway.

Music to drink Whiskey to (live), not music to bring home.

I wasn’t planning on milling about too longer after their set, but I did have a drink to finish and a conversation to swallow. Both were successful in cementing me in my place as the next band set up. A hodge-podge quintet, not to dissimilar from an late Picasso. The bass player could have been a poster child for the world recluse society, the lead guitarist an amalgamation of Clint Eastwood movie stills and a drummer who had just ditched his gig with Saturday Night Fever, a fictitious disco cover band. They were either going to be phenomenal or a traveling disaster come down from L.A. to terrorize unsuspecting listeners on a Monday night. I gripped my glass.

The apparent front man, looking barely eighteen, picked up his acoustic guitar and mouthed the mic with a British accent.

“We’re Samuel Stewart“

From then on; phenomenal. The young man’s vocals wouldn’t floor you (not operatic by any means, though his female accompaniment was very close), but they could move you, with bravado and swagger heavy in every phrase. Appearances belied the depth of experience evident in his tales of love and strife. And likewise the music moved with the same dynamism that his voice exuded.

They took a piece of Carnival/Western psychedelia, as though the Outlaws and the Yardbirds got into fist-a-cuffs in a bar and Samuel Stewart was knocked out of a window with a young Conor Oberst leading the way through a painted veil of biting lyrics and proudly off color vocals. This band is something to be reckoned with. After they had finished their performance and I had reaffirmed that my jaw hadn’t gone completely to the floor, I meander over to the bar for another whiskey and it hit me. It was hard to meander because more people were filling in the gaps in the room that were very present when I first made my way in three hours earlier.

Evidently the closing band was worth watching or monday night law would make it a more of a rehearsal with a sound man than anything else. I was then told that this was the side project for the Get Back Loretta singer Stephen Bradford and songwriter Gabe Lehner. Throw in Kyle Bradford, Stephens brother and front man for Thieves and Liars, and GBL percussion man Isaac Cass and you get a line up of San Diego All-Stars.

Again my stay was prolong, I couldn’t miss the beginnings of this group. The first notes rang out with a haunted, ethereal sound followed shortly byS.Bradfords ever perfect voice.

Progressive Folk for the masses? Radiohead goes acoustic? Call it what you will, the sound I heard was damn near drinkable, two parts melodic, one part amazing with a twist of lemon.

Shaken or stirred; wet your pallet as you will. Their harmonies were flawless and the music, though only an acoustic and electric guitar, bass, and drums, filled the room with lasting and liquid depth. Not the usual Monday night.


She Said She Loved Gangsta Funk

A wonderful video directed by Daniel Wolfe from Partizan.
“She Said” by Plan B





I Want A Morning Bender

Fun comes in numbers. Watch this and you’ll know why.


The Donkeys & Friends at The Casbah



After seeing the Donkeys play last night at the Casbah in San Diego I want to sell my car and buy a donkey just so I can get closer to this band. On recordings the Donkeys sound melodic and mellow but live these guys make me want to boogey. Local to San Diego this band toured the United States over the summer and I’m waiting for them blow up. With a classic rock feel and melodies that soothe your ears, whats not to love about the Donkeys. I must say, if you bring a girl make sure she doesn’t leave with the band. You can download live session of the Donkeys at Daytrotter for free. Also find more tracks from the Donkeys at their myspace.


Delta Spirit Wets My Whistle

The new Delta Spirit album is coming out in May and I have never been so excited. If you have never seen this band live then you have never lived. I’ve had many nights with my boys singing Delta Spirit at the top of our lungs and there may have been alcohol involved but thats beside the point. Watch the video and get a feel of what makes Delta Spirit bad ass.


No Such Thing As Writers Block

Andy Ralph is my friend, one of my favorite musicians, a talented artist, and so much more. Andy is in a band that is acclaimed in San Diego with his brother Jamie Ralph. The talented duo is cutting a new record and honestly I am frothing at the mouth to get my hands on it. You can listen to the newly recorded tracks on the Writer myspace. Writer was also nominated for Best New Band for the SDVMA’s.

Andy is a rockstar artist in my book since he graduated from the same art department that I did in college. You can check out Andy Ralph creations that are witty yet thought provoking on his website. But first watch the video they recorded a month or so ago and Brad Kester did an amazing job filming and directing it. Yes, its worth every second of your time.

photo taken by: Andrew Burns

Andy Ralph “Arrrgghhh!!”


La Blogoteque Takeaway Favourites

find more videos at La Blogotheque


Family Wagon // Teleblaster

We’ve been in studio all day with the Family Wagon guys.

They’re in the process of recording their new EP entitled “Teleblaster”

If you’ve listened to some of their old stuff, the new songs are even better. They’ve revamped some classics, and somehow produce even more great tunes. Their sound is definitely harder on this album. You can buy their previous self-titled EP on iTunes.







South Africa Is Cool And So It Die Antwoord

If I come up on some cash in the next couple months I’m flying to South Africa to see the World Cup and this band! Whattup gangstas…


It’s Raining Here in California

Check out Joel P. West Live @ Luceloft.

Props to for the sweet video. If you look closely on the left, the guy playing bass is Doug Ferguson. He is also on all of Bryan Bangerter & The Whole SheBang’s tracks. You can check out his stuff below.

If you also look closely, you can find our very own Chadwick Gantes somewhere in the crowd shaking his keys for “ambience.”


Bryan Bangerter & The Whole Shebang





Family Wagon


Not only are we good friends, but we’re avid fans of Family Wagon. Local San Diego band with a heart set on booking shows and blowing minds. As soon as they book a show, we know, we’re there, and we’re yelling the whole time. With a classic feel infused with harsh guitars and killer bass riffs, these guys know how to feel the music. Every show is different and full of surprise harmonic/guitar battles, hair flipping goodness, and high energy.


If you’re in the area make sure to check their website to see when they’ll be playing next. If you’re not in the area, then make sure that you ARE in the area next time they play. Or hit them up with your location and they’re bound to tour that way soon.

Check out their trailer above, and the music video to “Hi Hi Goodbye” below.


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