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Friends Apolis Activism on GQ


Our friends over at Apolis Activism are doing great things. They were recently featured on one of our favorite fashion blogs The GQ Eye. They produce some high quality garments and look good doing it. We went to school with these guys and got to see a lot of them around town. They’re legit people with big dreams. Make sure to check out their site and watch the video below.



Time [.] Period

When most people say that they were born in the wrong time period, they then proceed to talk about how they think they belong in Middle Earth with Frodo and the hobbits, or they insist that they were meant to be in the 24th century with Mr. Spock. After hearing this most of us would turn our backs and snicker, and then remember our adolescent days when we read The Hobbit and nothing was on TV except for Star Trek.

But when I say I was born in the wrong time period, I’m talking about fashion, music, and lifestyle. While it seems like the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s have long passed and the times have changed, it’s not necessarily the case. Good news for people in the same boat as myself, fashion seems to repeat itself (just like history.) And what was the norm in 70’s, is trendy today. So while it would be nice to be back in those times, the present day trends are almost mirror images of what came before.

photo cred : The GQ Eye

From the classic button up oxford and v-neck pullover to sundresses and bangs, leather jackets and peacoats, skinny ties to white v-neck tees, mustaches and heavy down jackets with the fur hood.

It was all acceptable back then, and just as acceptable today.


Get The Eye

I follow a lot of blogs. And by a lot I mean I always have at least 20 tabs open on Safari at once. One of my favorites is definitely The GQ Eye. For everything fashion, electronic, and lifestyle, it’s the perfect place to get smart.


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