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Update From Honduras

So my trip has gone as planned. Everything worked out and we caught our flights back home. It was such a great experience to fly to a different country and film a short film in a different language. Here are some photos I grabbed while I wasn’t behind the camera.




Make sure to keep checking back in. We’ll have a trailer for the film up soon.


Update From Thailand

I am in love with Mitchell Burbick and his photography.




FLUXX, Are You Experienced?


To preface this…I AM NOT A CLUB GOER.I stand strong by my neighborhood bars and other same-face-every-night type joints.

That being said, FLUXX is going to revolutionize the idea of going out in San Diego. Taking its inaugural flight this March, FLUXX, the brain child of RMD Group (re-creators of Side Bar) and Davis Ink, is going to make all other clubs in the Gas Lamp area tremble and shake (literally). With an overindulgence of sonic amalgamation and illuminatory decadence (courtesy of Sound Investment AV and SJ Lighting respectively) mixed in with pure vibe and energy, FLUXX creates a bombastic atmosphere of de novo stimulation for every sense, and for posterity, a few others that wont be discovered until it’s doors are opened.

It will be unlike anything that San Diego has ever experienced.

Now, Imagine that power and verve combined with a natural, organic décor, complete with wooden logs and vibrant, living hues…because it will be. Top of that off with the fact that all the wood from the renovation is being recycled in the form of new homes for our neighbors to the south, Mexico and you have a very innovative road to walk down.

Again, it will be unlike anything that San Diego has ever experienced.

The sound system is powerful enough to rival anything put together for a world tour with Madonna, fully equipped with “speakers loud so loud, they blow a women’s clothes” (thank you Italian Job). Very much the ideal situation. Couple that with a dance floor specifically designed to channel every bass note that bursts from the speakers directly into your body and it becomes a veritable playground for the senses, loading up every nerve ending to the brim and keeping every synapse firing at a speed that 4 out of 5 doctors don’t recommend.

Did I mention that it will be unlike anything San Diego has ever experienced.

And, to trump everything else that has just wowed you at the top of this little piece, the most unreal facet to this already unreal night club is going to be it’s ever changing face. One night you might be partying with Amazon women and the next you could be shaking your ass with a futuristic temptress. With all these pieces in place, FLUXX also plans on bringing in the biggest DJ’s to grace their turntables and keep the freshest sound flowing out of the most dynamic sound system in San Diego. If your not there to move your body your not in the right place. Consisting of one huge room, there isn’t any place to hide when the dial is turned to 11 and people start to move.


Contributed by: Gareth Moore


Update From Honduras


I never thought I’d be riding a bike down the streets of Honduras with some of the coolest guys I know. Nor did I think I’d ever be watching Across The Universe inside of a house while an armed guard stands outside holding his 12 gauge shotgun. But this is exactly where I find myself.

I left the States two days ago to visit the uknown. The goal was to come down and shoot a short film. But in just the two days being down here before actually shooting, the story has changed. It’s been a great journey this far and only expect good things to come. [Maybe a couple muggings and shootings along the way.] We’ve been doing a lot of pre-production work alongside of Blake Nelson [who has been down here 5 months already doing a lot of prep work.]

The most noble part of this trip is that we’re incorporating a lot of what we’re doing into Blake’s classroom activities. So Bryan has been teaching the kids a bit about music and songwriting, and once we start shooting I’ll be able to talk to the kids about filming and cinematography.

Make sure to keep up with our journey down here. I’ll be posting more photos as we begin filming.



From Shaper To Surfer

Contributed by: Alex Swanson


These are some photos from a trip up to Santa Barbara to pick a new surfboard that my friend Trevor ordered from Ryan Lovelace who shapes boards up there. We left Newport at 6 a.m, arrived at his shaping room at around 9:30 am. Ryan gave us a quick tour around his room, foiled a fin, and set up Trevors board. After that, Trevor and I surfed Rincon for two hours. I wanted to capture the transition from shaper to surfer, and the first waves one his new board. As you can see, Trevor couldn’t be more happier with his board.





Mitchell Burbick Links Up W/ Creative Casualties

Mitchell left the beauty of San Diego for bigger and better things in Thailand. Here at Creative Casualties we can’t let him leave that quickly. We asked Mitch to keep us updated through storytelling, poems, photography, and just being cool. Mitch agreed and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from him soon.



photo cred: Mitchell Burbick

Be sure to check out more of Mitch at his blog: nonplussed(+)


Better Valentines Day Part II

Unlike Mike, I had to do Valentines day on a budget and knowing most young adults we are all low on funds. Here are some tips that I used to make Valentines cost efficient yet make her shiver in her own romance.

Hoping it’s a beautiful day take her outside and keep her outside as long as possible. Yes, you might have to sneak some P.D.A. once in a while but it will be worth it. Take her to any botanical garden near the area and take in the fresh air while starring at O’keefe colors. If you’re cultured make sure not to take pictures there because it’s the most photographed place since Photography 101 hit junior colleges. If there are no botanical gardens in your area look up sculpture gardens. There are more interesting and wierd at the same time but make sure you study the art online so you can give some insight to the pieces. If there are no sculpture garden take her to the nearest beach boardwalk and grab some coffee and go on a lengthy walk.

Make sure your dressed appropriately (no crocs, rainbow sandles, or cargo board=shorts. Its Valentines day you still have to impress even though you’re on the beach.) Next tip, take her to any museum that interests you and give her some insight into your likes and dislikes. This is a golden tip to all you broke as a joke folk, make sure to take her to privately owned galleries on opening night and why do you do this? Makes you seem educated, cultured, and you know what’s going on in the community. But my favorite reason for doing this free wine and beer (we only recommend this if you’re of age). This is known for being a social lubricant and especially on Valentines day helping calm the nerves but make sure just a couple you want to remember this wonderful day with your gal. Now your a little loose take to her a local venue (aka the Tin Can Alehouse, which is the best up and coming bar in San Diego). If you’re blessed with Jamuel Saxon and Lion Cut being loose will help you shake your hips and guide your feet. End the night with a couple kisses and the rest is history. Those are my recommendations for V-day on a budget.





Why Our Valentines Day Was Better Than Yours…

At CreativeCasualties we like to think of ourselves as well-traveled individuals with an eye for cool things. So for this Valentines Day I took my lady friend to Seattle for a day trip to seek out the coolest things that one can find. We stayed at The Ace Hotel (which if you keep up with us, Chad posted about the one in Palm Springs earlier.) This place is amazing and has some of the trendiest of the trendy staying there. With white walls, organic accessories and huge forest wall prints, this place is very hostel-esque with a touch of sophistication. If you’re looking for a sweet indoor place to take some photos, pick this place! Urban Outfitters could have taken a whole catalogue of their photos here.











Ace Hotel


My friends and I ventured to Palm Springs for my good buddy’s bachelor party. Somehow we stumbled into Ace Hotel and we discovered a diamond. We listened to gay men sing cabaret on a old time piano in a dimly lit black brick bar. If thats not epic enough we came back the next morning to enjoy french press coffee and toast at the mod diner. Check out the video to see the inside of the rooms and some of the art they enjoy.


Covering the Four Corners of the Earth


We’d like to think that we pretty much have the States covered with contributors. We don’t, but we’re close. From San Diego, Newport, LA, New York, Seattle, and Miami. We have correspondents in all of these places, which is rad. We’re working on getting masses of content upload here within the next week.

Miami is a great place. [To visit.] If oiled men with gold chains and speedos wet your lips, then that’s the place for you. But if you’re looking for a great music scene and fashionable clothing, you might have to look elsewhere. The lifestyle there is just not conducive to the aforementioned characteristics. There is some great art exhibits in Miami, however. While most of it resembles art deco style and things you would find in your grandparents attics, there are a few gems to be found if you look hard enough.

If you plan on traveling out to the East Coast any time soon, plan on hitting up South Beach. While we’ve all probably seen it on TV watching CSI Miami [which isn’t even that great of a show,] it’s still a great place to visit and take in the culture. Also think about going an hour south to hit up the Florida Keys. If you want to visit where Hemingway killed himself and, to this day keeps a sanctuary of cats, then that’s definitely a place to put into your iPhone maps.



Hello Seattle


Of all the places we could travel, Seattle is definitely on the top of the list. We hope to do some remote posts, so if you know anyone in the Seattle area hit us up. Or if you have frequent flyers miles you want to throw our way, we’ll pay you in coffee and cigarettes.

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